Træning Solo


Key Features

Moving bots, you can turn this on or off.

Enable or disable kevlar+helmet on bots.

Peek/spray walls, to practice peeking shots.

Enable or disable unlimited ammo, to your liking.

Sound practice test, a target pops up somewhere with a fire sound.

All weapons available, just press or shoot the buttons to receive the weapon.

Enable or disable sections of the map, through the green or red buttons on the ceiling.

How to play the map:

1) Join the CT Team

2) Shoot on the button below your feet to open a Weapon Menu. Or press B to simply buy weapons!

3) If the bots wont move, just shoot a bit around!

4) Now kill the bots, before they reach the gab, but if they somehow do reach it nothing will happen, the bots die and respawn! Thats because it is an Aimtraining and not a Minigame :)

5) But pay attention, the bots can knife you! (if you dont like that, type "god" in the console!)

5) Have fun :D

Yprac Bot Arena

In this aim map you get all the tools to improve and measure your aim and recoil control. It has a large emphasis on improvement and challenging yourself with on screen stats and leaderboards. It also contains the only way to exactly measure how well you control your recoil, which makes it possible to measure progress in spray control. It is probably the most advanced piece of software on the steam workshop.

Prefire maps

Prefire - an update of my old prefire maps, you move around and try to preaim angles where people usually peek. Number of different routes. Improves movement and crosshair placement.

Peek - You peek angles from both the t and ct perspective. Bots can move and peek or stand static in a number of positions. 30 angles. Improves aim and map knowledge.

Defence - You spawn in an area and bots peek or run towards you. Kill them as fast as possible. Improves aim and map knowledge.

Smoke - Your camera follows your nades like in spectator mode. Makes it much easier to find new throws and iterate on them over and over without having to noclip. Teaches you 18 useful lineups.

Fire - Smoke mod but for molotovs. Teaches you 18 useful lineups.

Flash - Teaches you 18 useful flashes and popflashes.

Toolbox - Tools for experimenting. Including grenade tracking camera, grenade replay, accurate bot placement and more.